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Vintage Linen Bed Panel


Vintage Linen has been Matteo's most popular fabric for over a decade. Vintage Linen uses a 28 single-metric yarn in both the warp and the weft. The weave is extremely balanced, which produces a linen fabric that is both soft and sturdy. The magic of Vintage Linen is in the special washing process, which opens and penetrates the depths of the fibers, softening each one and creating a truly special sleep.

These bed panels ave been designed for ease of installation and care. The three separate panels (two side panels and one narrower foot panel) are attached to the top of box spring with 8 twist pins (provided). This allows you to easily attach or remove the bed-panel without having to remove the mattress. 

The drop can be adjusted from as short as 5” to as long as 20” depending where you position the panels on your box spring.

100% linen

Garment-washed and dyed using non-toxic dyes

Darker colors feature a contrasting white topstitch