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Cluny Duvet Cover

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Matteo's Cluny Collection starts with a base of their Vintage Linen fabric and adds a delicate 100% Cotton cluny lace border.

Matteos' Vintage Linen uses a 28 single-metric yarn in both the warp and the weft. The weave is extremely balanced, which produces a linen fabric that is both soft and sturdy. The magic of the Vintage Linen is in the special washing process Matteo uses in their dyehouse. This wash opens and penetrates the depths of the fibers, softening each one and creating a truly special sleep.

Cluny duvet covers have a delicate lace flange border and a hidden zipper closure.

Cluny duvet covers are designed with zipper closures for ease of use and a sleek look.

100% linen with cotton trim

Garment-washed and dyed using non-toxic dyes