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Halcyon Hotel

Critically Acclaimed Sexual Psycho Thriller with a Strong Female Lead Candle


"You show up as a third party to an extravagant but 'cozy' time at a friend of a friend's fancy cabin and feel out of place. You smell a woman's perfume who is really intimidating and you're really creeped out by the whole situation but the smell and her alluring looks  (as she keeps vanishing behind various corners)  keep you there beyond the point when you could have left but now, you're stuck."

8 oz hand poured soy wax candle with original fragrance. 

made in los angeles. 

warm patchouli/ amber/ green velvet vetiver/ 

Each candle may vary slightly due to the settling of ingredients and hand pouring process of natural soy wax.

Playlist available for each candle. Find here.