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Lilting Waves Bed

I live by the water. I am lucky enough to split my time between the Hamptons and Hawaii, and so when I think of my ideal bed I’m naturally attracted to something that reflects the soothing waves of the ocean. Varying shades of soft blue (with hints of teal) brings me so much joy. Here’s a pic of what I see out my window in Hawaii. The variations of blues and soft greens, along with white foam caps, are what I want to surround myself with as I drift off to sleep.As a designer specializing in feng shui, I also know the positive power of incorporating nature into our home. The color blue represents the element “water”, and is known to enhance creativity, spirituality and even romance (that’s right, you don’t have to paint your bedroom red to improve you love life!)I really appreciate the great variety of bedding lines at French Presse. They always have a fabulous selection and are my go-to linen source for all of my design projects. For my “dream bed” I selected washed linen bedding from Designers Guild and a lovely cotton/wool blend organic blanket from Coyouchi, with a sumptuous cashmere throw from Matouk. Here’s to good vibes and sweet dreams, Reiko
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Alicia Adams

Blurb about designer. At French Presse, we have tremendous for individuals with outstanding aesthetic taste and we want to take a chance to highlight their talent. We have teamed up with notable designers to feature their beds of choice and what makes them so homy.