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Kilims Ada

Tulu Model Rug Ivory/Charcoal


This Wool rug comes from the Berbere collection at Kilims Ada.

The French company Kilims Ada was created in 1985 when two individuals from different cultures met: Ahmet Diler, an expert in the art of weaving from a family of weavers in Cappadocia and Marc-Antoine Gallice, one of the pioneers that introduced kilims to Paris. 

They personally collect all their pieces in the most remote corners of the Middle East and Central Asia, which are then meticulously restored by their own team of restorers. 

To meet the growing demand for innovation in the sector of interior decoration, Ahmet Diler and Marc-Antoine Gallice founded in 1998 a workshop in Istanbul where they put to good use their experience and expertise to conceive contemporary creations.

All these products, traditional, modern or revisited rugs are then imported to Kilims ADA’s Parisian showroom from where they are distributed throughout all of Europe.

Width : 170 cm
Lenght : 240 cm