Fools Spring Favs.

Did you know that New York actually has 12 seasons? Right now we are in the "Fools Spring Season", known as the time after the first cold snap in winter when temperatures warm up significantly and people start to believe that the coldest part of winter has already passed.

In this collection, you'll find products perfectly suited for this new season.

Gray Moon Cutlery Set

Thanksgiving Tablescape with FP.

As the season of gratitude approaches, we are delighted to unveil our exclusive Thanksgiving Collection, curated with care and crafted to add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your celebrations. From tableware that dazzles to culinary essentials that inspire, our collection is designed to elevate your Thanksgiving experience.


Early Fall in the French Countryside

We recently took a trip to the south of France, and brought some of home with us to make it just a little cozier.

Our home was in Basque Country, 30 minutes from coastal surf towns, while staying secluded within the valley. Surf, food, reflection.

Our edit of products for the trip is below. Key products to make anywhere feel like home, and elevate those little moments.


Molly Knauer Sets the Table

Molly Knauer is a renowned dietician, and consultant for wellness brands. She recently pulled together a tablescape edit to highlight some of her recipes, and we were fortunate she chose to include a few pieces from French Presse.


Kessler Residence

Taliesin Architects operated from 1959 until 2003. In the early years, Kohn deKoven Hill designed the custom furniture and cabinets of the Kessler House, and selected other original furniture, fabrics, and carpets. He was also responsible for the color schemes.

Olgivanna Lloyd Wright consulted on the interior color schemes, as she did on all her late husband's houses.

Recently, Nina Gottlieb and Caroline Kornreich worked together to provide some furniture and interior styling updates. We were fortunate that Caroline decided to incorporate a variety of French Presse products, included in the edit below.


Hamptons Summer Home Starter Kit

Transform your Hamptons summer home into a haven of elegance and relaxation with our curated starter kit. Featuring beach towels, home towels, scented candles, premium sheets, exquisite glassware, and top-of-the-line coffee equipment for indulgent mornings by the sea.


Ceramics Edit: Hannah Faith Lord

H.F.L is a photographer + creative director with a passion for art & fashion, out of Los Angeles. She is known for her ability to create gritty and minimalist imagery, that still resonates as beautiful and sensual.

For her edit, she stuck with her typical subdued palette, selecting a collection of white porcelain pieces with an organic feel, handmade in Northern Italy.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Our curated assortment of French Presse gift ideas, to provide joy on one of our favorite days fo the year. Exceptional sheets, cozy blankets, unique glassware and lotions/apothecary for the most important woman in your life. Dedicated to Sarah...always dedicated to Sarah.


Design Stories: Anthony Thomas Melillo

Fashion Designer Anthony (Thomas) Melillo, collaborates with French Press often to deliver the aesthetic he is looking for in his New York City, Miami, and Hamptons homes.

Recently, Tony stopped by French Presse to pull together his bedding for the master bedroom in his Miami apartment. He was looking for bedding that featured relaxed fabrics and “colors that put your mind at ease.”


Tiina the Bed

“I’m totally in love with pale, pastel blues. I wanted to create a cool, calming bed in pastel blue and soft, icy grays for warm summer nights”—Tiina Laakkonen

Tiina started off with a foundation of Hale Mercantile’s exquisite Flocca linen bedding, famous for its hand tufted edge, in Fog—serving as the “soft, icy gray.” She then layered Hale’s Flocca Blanket in Fog, a super-soft linen/cotton blend with a rich, boxed pattern texture. She incorporates pastel blue with a sumptuous washed-linen duvet from linen tales in Sky Blue. The pillowcases are a mix of the two colors. The end result is certainly calming…and cool.