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The Hamptons Bed

The Hamptons Bed

Designer:Sarah DeHavenon

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Clean and luxurious—this white bed, with subtle hints of cream, embodies the Hamptons. This linen bedding will help you stay cool for nights by the beach, while the sumptuous blanket will re-define cozy. Wherever you are in the world, tuck into this bed and you’ll find yourself on the East End. The Hamptons Bed uses Rem bedding from Society Limonta as the base. The Fitted Sheet and the Flat Sheet are both Bianco (White), while the Pillowcases are a combination of Bianco (White) and Marmo (Cream). A Flocca Duvet in Aryton (White) from Hale Mercantile is layered on, and the Maya Boucle Blanket in Cream from Sefte tops the bed off.

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Meet Your Designer

Sarah DeHavenon

My mother loved the simple pleasure in every moment of presence. Reflecting her love of design, she founded French Presse Linens as a way to revive the natural joy of a slower era. My mom’s passion for style and design was omnipresent across all aspects of her life. Her unique taste—a blend of classic, refined and colorful, ethnic—was evident in her homes, fashion, and, most of all, her store.