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Kerzon Laundry Detergent-Place Des Vosges

Kerzon Laundry Detergent-Place Des Vosges

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The formulation of Kerzon's natural laundry soap nourishes the fibers, preserves the beauty of your favorite clothes and gives your laundry softness and cleanliness thanks to the action of biodegradable vegetable oils. Tested under dermatological control, this laundry soap is non-irritating and respectful of sensitive skin.

Scent: It's the romanticism of the famed square, its red bricks and blossoming geranium terraces that keeps us coming back for its beauty. Place des Vosges is inspired by the fluffy petals of the Bulgarian rose with a flowery head and a sweet, velvety heart paired with mango on top of a fresh and lemony geranium base.

33.34fl.oz - 30 washes

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